The first self-promoting token

Current status: ICO FINISHED


We believe that the blockchain technology is changing the world for the better. Barriers between people and countries are being removed, bureaucracy is going down, prices are bringing down, any business processes are becoming faster and more efficient.

The most of ICO founders focusing only on pre-ICO and ICO periods. The mission of 711 token ICO is to bring complex internet marketing and promotion component to the token's after-ICO life. 711 token evolution will include placement on stock exchanges, social media campaign, permanent cooperation with thematic websites, etc. Detailed reports will be available on this website. Strategic marketing planning of after-ICO period together with a low quantity of issued tokens (711 only) will provide long token lifecycle with a predictably stable exchange rate.

Total ICO funding: minimum 88 ETH, maximum 143 ETH.

Total supply: only 711 tokens. Exchange rate: 1 token = 0.25 ETH.
Funding goals:
  • List 711 token on Cryptopia and Livecoin exchanges.
  • List 711 token at
  • Social media campaign.
  • Google/Yandex advertisement campaigns.
  • PR on thematic websites.

Detailed reports on funds spending will be available on this website.

The main goal is to make 711 token rare and very expensive.


Only 711 tokens will be issued. We use the Ethereum blockchain platform to do that. Type: Ethereum ERC20 Token.

80% of tokens will be placed at the ICO, the team gets 10% and 10% is distributed as rewards and bounty. We accept only Ethereum payments. Tokens will be transferred immediately after your payment to ICO smart contract address. They will be free to use, keep(the wisest decision), sell, buy, invest, etc.

ICO will be successful if more than 50% of tokens will be distributed. Unsold tokens will be frozen.
You can use the SafeWithdrawal function of the smart contract to get your ETH back if ICO will be unsuccessful.

Token distribution

80% - ICO     10% - rewards and bounty     10% - team

ICO funds distribution

100% - token marketing and promotion



Get tokens

Total supply: 711 tokens.
Exchange rate: 1 token = 0.25 ETH.

copy address

Configure your Ethereum Wallet to access your tokens:

Address: 0x52Ff8B15eF6B38Cf0554BA9207D70D0d2437C56A
Symbol: 711 Decimals: 18
711 token explorer

Payments terms:

  • Send ETH to the Contract Address and the token distribution will be automatic, once your ETH is received, tokens will be sent back.
  • If there no available tokens you will get your ETH back.
  • Send only ETH.
  • Minimum ETH accepted: 0.01 ETH.
  • Do not send funds from exchanges.
  • ICO start: August 2, 2017 17:00 GMT.
  • Deadline for sending funds: September 5, 2017, 17:00 GMT. You will get your ETH back on sending after ICO ends.
  • Recommended wallets: Mist (оfficial) and MyEtherWallet.


10% of tokens are distributed as rewards and bounty. Tokens will be sent in case of successful ICO.

  • First 20 backers will get +20% token reward, but not more than 5 tokens per tx;
  • ICO translations;
  • Social media campaigns;
  • Thematic websites publications;
  • Informational support.


Founder and CEO

Ph.D. in Engineering. Advanced knowledge of Linux system administration and web design. Now specializing in internet sales and marketing. Professional experience of Strategic internet sales and forward planning.

This is one person ICO. Everything in this project was made by myself and I am ready to accept full responsibility of token ICO and post-ICO. Also, this is the way to show myself to the whole world.

Feel free to contact me, using the form below or I am open for any conversations.

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